Digital Promotion for Business is designed to support small businesses and up-skill individuals who are seeking employment or looking to improve their job prospects.

The online course will provide learners with essential skills in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), online transactions and social media to name but a few.

Who is suitable?

Digital skills are required in every industry so don't think this programme is only for those interested in a career in digital marketing.

Whether the individual is interested in hairdressing, catering or professional services, this programme can and will enhance their overall skill set and increase chances of landing their dream job.

What you will learn

There are 8 units - accredited and approved by national educational organisation NCFE.

  1. Discover how digital promotions are an increasingly important part of an organisation's promotional activity, and the role they can play in an organisation's overall marketing.

  2. Look at the process of internet searching from the customers' angle, and then see how SEO can be used to generate more traffic towards an organisation's website.

  3. Look at a range of different ways in which digital promotions can be used to reach the customer.

  4. The emphasis is not just on digital promotions but on the use of conventional established media such as newspapers, radio and TV.

  5. See how important content is in making a promotion successful.

  6. Learn how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of new techniques in digital promotions.

  7. Find out what customers are using and what they want and expect from an organisation's communications into their online social world.

  8. Learn why measurement is important and how this benefits your organisation or one you are familiar with.

Learning method

100% online - Our state-of-the-art online course couldn't be easier to navigate and has a proven record of getting results...

Places are limited - sign up now

To enrol individuals must be currently living in Scotland, been in the EU for 3 years and over the age of 16.

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